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Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

 The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden


The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden spans 66 acres of lush, perfectly manicured landscape overlooking White Rock Lake. It holds a treasure trove of trees, bushes, flowers, and fountains – and boasts an incredible view of the downtown Dallas skyline.

During this class you will take steps towards mastering the art of plant photography. Learn how to control depth of field through the manipulation of focal distance and aperture. You will then be able to sharply focus on an object while completely blurring the background – a necessary skill for a budding photographer no matter what the subject matter.

The Dallas Arboretum is also an excellent setting for portrait photography. Quaint and quiet walkways lined with flowers provide endless opportunities for tasteful portraiture.

Learn how to harness natural light to your advantage and improve your outdoor photography skills.

Your DPA instructor will teach you how to choose the right shutter speed to capture the movement of water out of the whimsical frog fountain.

Please bring your fully charged digital camera and any other photographic equipment you would like to use. Please dress for the weather and wear your most comfortable shoes.

Call Digital Photo Academy at 1 877 372 2231. Lots of people seem to hang up if our welcome recording comes on instead of a live voice, but we promise to return your message within a day or two if you leave one with your name and number.  It would be even better if you included your e mail address as well as the date and city of the class you are considering.  If leaving a voice mail message is not your thing, please email us at or

We will be meeting at Ginsberg Plaza, which is just inside the entrance gates (number 15 on the map).. Each student is responsible for his or her own entrance fee into the Arboretum.

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