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Copley Square

Copley Square

In picturesque Back Bay, Copley Square offers great photo ops year round. Focus on the detail or broader perspective of the whimsical collection of fanciful orbs along the perimeter or anchor a scenic shot of the interior with a 100+ year old statue of John Singleton Copley. Your instructor will share techniques for capturing the dramatic architecture of the row of landmark buildings, modern and vintage, that you face in every direction. Starting with Trinity Church, known for its Richardson Romanesque style of architecture, named after the 19th century architect, you don’t need to place every structure dead center. Develop your signature style with composition strategies such as Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Framing and other approaches explained during the shoot.

In fact, the public library both inside and outside offer compelling images as well, so there may even be time for some image-making there since the building is so close to Copley Square.

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