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Church Street & Lake Eola

Church Street & Lake Eola


Church Street and Lake Eola

Whether making abstractions and leading lines of the modern office buildings and public park seating or capturing the kitch of the ticky-tock homes and waterside accessories of Lake Eola, this day’s shoot offers an impressive variety of photogenic content, all led by your DPA instructor.

There is a lovely fountain that can be the setting to learn how varying shutter speeds render different visual effects of moving water and a myriad of old and new cityscapes to capture.

The neighborhood has old architecture coupled with that of the contemporary. Take advantage of the area’s coexisting styles through your photographs. And in the center of the area you may be familiar with the locomotive that dates back to the 1890’s. Additionally, there will be lessons on indoor photography at the historic St. James Church.

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You will  meet by the fountain and tables in the small plaza just outside of the “Amura” restaurant, at 54 W. Church Street,  just a few feet East of where the train tracks cross Church St.— in the heart of the Church Street Station entertainment district.

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