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Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart

The Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark, NJ is spectacular inside and out. The majestic structure is an excellent subject to hone ones composition style for architecture from the exterior, approaching from a distance with silhouettes against the sky with and without clouds. Close up with a bug’s eye view create a gothic impression for a portfolio worthy result. Your DPA instructor will show you ways to create powerful scenes inside whether capturing a profile of an individual against the golden light coming in from a stained glass window, or the golden hue of the wooden pews and other design flourishes.

Your instructor will demonstrate various composition strategies such as leading lines to direct the eye of the viewer, or framing the scene with a detail in the foreground of the frame to anchor your viewer and lead him/her on to ponder the entire scene and move all throughout the frame.

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