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Boston Public Library

Boston Public Library

Almost 170 years old, the vintage architecture, combined with winding hallways, high ceilings and magnificent interior details, the Boston Public Library offers a myriad of stories to be told with your camera. With domed ceilings and soft light gleaming through huge windows, bring back a sense of earlier times. Focus on dozens of green desk lamps, atop wooden tables of rich hues, to draw the viewer of your photos into a setting and back to the interior of a cavernous space. Work from the top of the stairs to share a bird’s eye view of a scene beneath or tell the story of a stranger as they climb the marble stairs. The exterior structure itself as well as the walkways offer rich photographic content as do the statues and variety of interior spaces. The Boston Public Library invites the use of a variety of lenses from wide angle, to zooms and macro.

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