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Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Atlanta Botanical Gardens


Atlanta Botanical Gardens


Lots to photograph during the Halloween season at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens beyond the exotic and colorful Chihuly glass sculptures.  Now there will be dozens of scarecrows in colorful and whimsical sets.  Your instructor will teach you to tell a story with details and broad views.  It should be fun and festive for all!

In 1973, Atlantans proposed a botanical garden. Since then, the garden has flourished into an oasis just outside of Atlanta, a place for city-dwellers to find repose in natural surroundings.

The gardens include a myriad of flowering plants, all incredibly and intricately detailed. Learn to isolate a blossom, using depth of field to make sure it is in clear focus.

The gardens also contain a variety of fauna, along with the flora. Take a photo of a green frog blending in on a lilypad, or one of the more exotic amphibians in the Fuqua Conservatory. If you are lucky, you could also spot one of the Red-Tailed Hawks who make the gardens their home.

There is also a wide array of sculptures and fountains throughout the gardens. They change as different artists are featured throughout the year, so you never know what new and exciting installation you will encounter.

Water always makes for dynamic photographs. Learn to slow your shutter speed for water that looks velvety-smooth. Or use a fast shutter speed for a crisp image of water droplets mid-air.

Natural light varies much more than artificial. It can be challenging to shoot in the dappled shade of trees, but also very rewarding when the golden light hits just right.

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Meet your instructor just by the waterfall/sign which is right outside the ticket booths a distance of about 100 feet.

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