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Arnold Arboretum

Arnold Arboretum

Thanks to whaling merchant James Arnold who left a portion of his estate to Harvard College about 150 years ago, today we have the Arnold Arboretum as one of the gems of the city’s park systems. The voluminous collection of plants, trees, gardens, flora and fauna, concepted by Frederick Law Olmsted, quickly grew to 7 miles of gardens, pathways and views, now known as part of the famous “Emerald Necklace.”

Students of the Harvard Agricultural school have the resource for valuable research, but photographers have unending photo ops in soothing water scenes, landscaping, macro photography and if willing, a view of the Boston skyline from the top of the hill of the Arboretum. Every season offers new images to add to a photo portfolio, with exercises in photo compositions of every sort, from Leading Lines of the winding lanes to Rule of Thirds layout and colorful studies to convey a cool quiet or a vibrant wake-up call.

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