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Allan Gardens

Allan Gardens

Now you have no excuse to remain indoors to avoid winter weather, because this photo session takes place in the temperature controlled
interior space of the Allan Gardens Arboretum. Since 1858, visitors year round have been enjoying the beauty of Allan Gardens, including
its majestic structure and its colorful contents of plant life, flowers and walkways. Digital Photo Academy instructors are adding to the activities by leading a class on tips and techniques to make great photos to immortalize your visit. Learn the best way to shoot in challenging natural light and gain knowledge of options for composing your layouts so they are most pleasing to anyone who views the photographs you make. Techniques such as macro photography, depth of field, leading lines and other easy to understand strategies will be shared. Since there are seating areas available in Allan Gardens, the session will even include a lesson on portraiture. And if there are moments of relief in low temperatures, we can even try outside portraits against an array of nearby outdoor wall paintings.

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